Treasures Of Malta No. 61 Christmas 2014 Vol. XXI Issue 1

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Treasures of Malta is a magazine of art and culture that is issued three times a year and deals with heritage ‘in the widest sense of the word’. The magazine features a variety of articles that encompass all aspects of the visual arts, antiquities, history, auctions, exhibitions, cultural events and much more

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CONTENTS: Nativity and Epiphany scenes in Books of Hours at the National Library, Valletta; The Bronze and Iron Door at Our Lady of Damascus Church in Valletta; Edward Bradford Medlycott’s Watercolour Painting Book; The Proserpina Temple and the History of its Chrestion Inscription; On the track of an unknown eighteenth-century Maltese vedutista: Lazzaro Mallia; From the Albert Ganado Collection
Enrico Paulucci, Raffaele de Grada and Donato Frisia: Three Italian Modernists in 1932 Malta; Sa Maison: A garden with a history; My Favourite Object – Richard Cachia Caruana; The Impact of Photography on Edward and Robert Caruana Dingli; More on Cali and Photography
Melitensia Curios Inclusion: Gio. Giacomo de Rossi: Isola di Malta – Map of the Maltese Islands with a large inset plan of the Malta Harbour and Valletta 1686 With acknowledgement to, and published by, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti

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