Time for Trees: A Guide To Species Selection For The UK By Mike Glover

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Planting a tree is a large investment of time and resource for everyone’s benefit – anywhere in the world – and the best time to plant that tree is now. Before planting, selecting the right species of tree for the right place is one of the mosr important factors to consider; choosing a species with the right attributes for the right site and space. If we get that wrong the investment will be wasted. This beautifully illustrated and informative book describes some of the many indigenous trees found in the UK

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There is no excuse today for getting the process wrong, especially with books like Time for Trees to help the planter with the selection process. This wonderful book is packed full of very useful information on the dimensions of trees at maturity, soil preferences and their attributes in terms of leaf, flower and fruit supported by quality images making it an extremely useful guide to species selection for the UK. Now there is no excuse for planting the wrong tree in the wrong place. –Tony Kirkham, Head of the Arboretum, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Hardcover. Published by Barcham Trees plc 2012

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