The Worst Jobs In History. Two Thousand Years Of Miserable Employment By Tony Robinson

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Perfect for enquiring minds of all ages! As seen on Channel 4. Tony Robinson has set out to investigate life in the underbelly of history. Whether it’s swilling out the crotch of a knight’s soiled armour after the Battle of Agincourt, risking his neck on a bleak cliff collecting guillemot eggs or, as ‘Groom of the Stool’ going to places where none of Henry VIII’s six wives would venture. Tony endures it all to get to the bottom (quite literally) of the story

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Covering the Roman invasion to the reign of Queen Victoria, Tony Robinson uncovers how – behind all the great men and women who have made the headlines – there has been an unseen army undertaking hard, dangerous and unpleasant work. The very names ‘Powder Monkey’, ‘Seeker of the Dead’ and ‘Spit Boy’ underline the fact that the past is a different and fairly disgusting country. First Edition. Hardcover. Published by Boxtree 2004

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