The Outline Of History; Being A Plain History Of Life And and Mankind By H. G. Wells – 1920

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H. G. Wells is sometimes referred to as the father of Science Fiction. Here he untertakes to document the history of Life and Mankind. This Outline of History is an attempt to tell, truly and clearly, in one continuous narrative, the whole story of life and mankind so far as it was known when it was written. It is written plainly for the general reader, but its aim goes beyond its use as merely interesting reading matter

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Pre-owned. A philosophy of the history of the human race, worthy of its name, must begin with the heavens and descend to the earth, must be charged with the conviction that all existence is one—a single conception sustained from beginning to end upon one identical law.’—Friedrich Ratzel. Book is in fair condition, with some foxing and tanning both to the edges as well as the pages. The book is quite loose and there is bumping and scuffing to the black cloth hardcover. There are some large tears to the spine which is also significantly sun bleached. There are also some marks on the boards. Hardcover. Published by Cassell and Company 1920

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