The Olive Route: A Personal Journey To The Heart Of The Mediterranean By Carol Drinkwater

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Actress Carol Drinkwater from the BBC series “ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL” falling in love with a broken down farm..she and her partner buy it and begin their journey of an olive farm whilst juggling theater and film careers and all of life’s twists and turns..THE OLIVE ROUTE continues with Drinkwater traveling for 16 months around the Mediterran looking for insight on the history of the olive. Setting out from her Provençal olive farm to distant Mediterranean shores, circumnavigating its basin, travelling alone, occasionally to dangerous locations, on a quest for the olive tree’s ancient secrets, Carol Drinkwater crosses the sea’s shimmering, almost tideless tranquillity. She vividly unearths its stories, meets its striking, often courageous peoples and traces its venerable olive culture. Tracking, amongst others, the Cretans, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, as well as encountering its modern-day inhabitants, in this beautifully written and entertaining story, Carol Drinkwater returns to her home in the sun-baked hills of southern France bringing with her many inspirational tales of this tree of eternity. Hardcover. Published By Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2006

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