The Daily Telegraph Book Of Naval Obituaries By David Twiston Davies

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This work contains one hundred biographies which were published in “The Daily Telegraph” during the past twenty years – men of the Navy, Marines and Fleet Air Arm, as well as the merchant fleet. They include such heroes as the Atlantic convoy commander Peter Gretton and the submariner Godfrey Place, VC; the yachtsman and U-boat hunter Stan Darling as well as the corvette commander Charles Cuthbertson, model for the captain in The Cruel Sea. Bill Sparks, the cockleshell hero, and Derek Pounds, who fought behind the lines in Korea, represent the pluck of the Marines while “Hooch” Williamson, who led the attack on Taranto, and Ken Pattison, who had the best claim to have sunk the Bismarck, demonstrate all the dash of the FAA. Written with humour and insight, here are tales of the derring-do, skilled seamanship and steady judgement which characterises the Senior Service. Softcover. Published by Grub Street Publishing September 2006

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