The Big Ready Steady Cook Book By Patrick Anthony (Author), Richard Cawley (Author), Fern Britton (Foreword) – 1997

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Featuring the presenters of the BBC2 cookery programme “Ready Steady Cook”, this book contains more than 130 recipes, many of which are from the television series. There is also advice on topics such as holding dinner parties and choosing wine. Duelling TV celebrity chefs, competing to produce the most delicious dishes from five pound’s worth of mystery ingredients? Sounds like your cup of tea? Then Ready Steady Cook, a collection of more than 100 recipes from the BBC show of the same name, is the book for you

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Pre-owned. As followers of the show will know, the mixture of chefs includes a number of names to conjure with, such as restaurateurs Alastair Little and Antony Worrall Thompson, and food writers Thane Prince and Valentina Harris. Crucial to the ratings are the antics of Ainsley Harriot and Richard Cawley, expert practitioners of that brand of high camp that has found a natural home on daytime television. The result, as reflected in the book, is a sort of free-for-all circus, with food being thrown cheerfully around (as it were). The recipe titles give something of the overall flavour: Squids In!, Dreamy Bream With Langoustines, Cause A Stir-Fry, Steak ‘N Salsa Sarnie, Fancy Fruit Cobbler, Sexy Toffee Pudding. Behind the jaunty “Ooh-er Missus” names there are sound and imaginative recipes, clearly presented and illustrated. And if you need further persuasion, the pictures of Richard Cawley doing something flamboyant in a snakeskin print shirt are worth the price alone. Hardcover. Published by BBC Books 1997

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