Ten Per Cent Of Your Life By Stanley Winchester – 1973

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Dramatic novel describing the vacuum and events caused by the sudden death of Mary Beauchamp, head of a literary agency

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Pre-owned. The sudden death of Mary Beauchamp. the respected and well-loved head of a literary agency, leaves a void none of her colleagues is immediately able to fill. Ben Philmore, her natural successor, is tired, loath to take on new responsibilities, riddled by guilts and frustrations; Maurice Finch-Beauchamp, Mary’s lazy and inadequate nephew, is not to be trusted; Andy Garnett lacks the essential quality needed in a literary agent – the ability to gain his author’s confidence; and Clare Pollard, the secretary recently promoted to a junior directorship, is still unsure of her own abilities. These are the people on whom the future of Mary Beauchamp Ltd depends and it is around them that the drama of Stanley Winchester’s literary world revolves. Light wear and tear to the dust jacket, light handwritten price on first page. Creasing to a number of pages at bottom right. Hardcover. Published by W. H. Allen 1973

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