Temporary Gold Freckles Face / Shoulder Tattoos

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SHORT DESCRIPTION: So pretty – for any age! Single application
How to apply your freckles tattoos:
1. Remove the protective transparent foil. Make sure that skin is CLEAN and DRY before application.
Use cotton pads and alcohol to remove any trace of oil/lotion/dirt from the skin.
This is the most important step if you want your tattoos to stay on longer.
2. Place the design face down onto the desired area and place a wet cloth/ sponge firmly onto the paper.
3. Hold for around 30 seconds and then gently slide the paper off.
For best results let the tattoo dry completely.
Then have fun!
To remove: Use a cotton wool pad or ball soaked with baby oil or rubbing alcohol,
place on the tattoo for 10 seconds and then rub until removed

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