Superhints: Over 500 Trouble Saving Ideas From The Famous, The Efficient And The Wise By Audrey Lady Wardington

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Superhints is a book of good ideas: a collection of helpful suggestions on a variety of subjects – from cookery, gardening and DIY to travelling, planning ahead and emergencies – contributed by people from all walks of life, including many famous names. Here is Princess Margaret’s method of removing wine from the carpet; Sue Lawley’s tip for keeping your hands clean while gardening; David Attenborough’s solution to jet-lag; Judi Dench’s antidote to flies in the kitchen; Beryl Reid’s cure for hiccups; Michael Heseltine’s advice on public speaking; Victoria Wood’s approach to a daunting pile of ironing. Peers, judges, TV personalities, actors, designers, polirticians, beauty experts, company executives and housewives alike offer 500 ideas for coping with life’s problems, loarge and small. Whether simple tricks to avoid fuss and bother or vital tips for averting disaster, they are effective solutions, discovered through trial and error and bearing all the credibility of personal experience. Practical, inspiring and often amusing, Superhints makes a genuinely useful handbook and a delightful gift

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Hardcover with dust jacket. Dustjacket is slightly marked. Published by Michael Joseph, 1995

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