Sun Drenched Gardens – The Mediterranean Style. Photographs By Lucinda Lewis. Text By Jan Smithen

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The Mediterranean climate, with its mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers, gave rise to a fashionable gardening style. Not only do Mediterranean-style gardens offer gorgeous, fragrant, soothing sanctuaries that are wonderfully easy to maintain, but water-saving planting is environmentally sound and enormously appealing whatever one’ region or climatic zone

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This volume showcases some 25 gardens in France, Italy, Spain and California that employ drought-tolerant plants such as agaves and other succulents, wisteria, lavenders, geraniums and even some roses. There are some design features such as terraces, arbours, hedges, pergolas, topiary, statuary, decorative tile, and terracotta containers – all hallmarks of the sun-drenched garden aesthetic. Lucinda Lewis has taken some 200 colour photographs in a variety of private and public gardens, some grand and some intimate. Practical information is contained in the extended captions, and design ideas are offered to inspire the reader to create their own Mediterranean-style garden. From the USA. New and unread. Hardcover. First Edition. Published by Harry N. Abrams Incorporated New York 2002

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