Still Going Strong. By The Authors Of ‘Dear Bill’, Further Letters Of Denis Thatcher By Richard Ingrams And John Wells

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This is a fictional and humorous title set in 1988 – the Year of the Dragon – and our hero, the mild-mannered social drinker Denis Thatcher, husband to the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, seems to have abandoned all hope of retirement and Dunleadin, Dulwich

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Pre-owned with inscription. Fresh from her triumphant victory at the General Election, the Boss has soon established a new record as the longest-serving Prime Minister. The National Health Service may be crumbling. Lesser men like poor old Oystereyes, are falling by the way-side. But she marches ever onwards. And just to annoy her faithful spouse. smarmy Cecil is back in harness. Where will it all end? Softcover. Published by Private Eye Productions Ltd 1988