Stargazing: Astronomy Without A Telescope By Patrick Moore – Second Edition

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On a clear night, the vastness and beauty of the star-filled sky is awe-inspiring. In Stargazing: Astronomy without a Telescope Patrick Moore, Britain’s best known astronomer explains all you need to know about the universe visible to the naked eye. With the aid of charts and illustrations he examines how to ‘read’ the stars, to know which constellations lie overhead, their trajectory throughout the seasons, and the legends ascribed to them

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In a month-by-month guide he describes, using detailed star maps, the night skies of both the northern and southern hemispheres. He also takes a look at the planets, the Sun and the Moon and their eclipses, comets, meteors, as well as aurorae and other celestial phenomena – all in accessible scientific detail. Astronomy is for everyone, and even with just the naked eye, it can become a fascinating and rewarding hobby for life. Paperback. Published by Cambridge University Press 2001

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