Spitfires Over Sicily – The Crucial Role Of The Malta Spitfires In The Battle Of Scily, January – August 1943 By Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia And Frederick Galea

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On July 1943, British and American amphibian and airborne forces began landing in Sicily. The plan, codenamed Operation Husky, fixed Malta as the launching site for the fighter and fighter-bomber offensive. “Spitfires over Sicily” provides a day-by-day historical account of Malta Spitfire operations, leading up to and during the invasion, interspersed with personal accounts of some of those involved. Illustrated with up to 100 photographs including Spitfires of many of the squadrons involved, their pilots and adversaries, this account features Spitfires versus Messerschmitts and Macchis plus RAF and USAAF versus JG53 and JG77 and Italians. It also includes USAAF’s 31st Fighter Group and a host of personal accounts. Book and dust jacket in very good condition. Hardcover. Published by Grub Street 2000

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