Small Island, Great Riches: The Life Of Paul Asciak, Tenor And Teacher From Malta By Sue Brown

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This book tells the moving story of the life of Paul Asciak. Born in Valletta, Malta, he determined to become an opera singer achieving his ambition against the many odds and developing a successful career in Italy and the UK. When he was only 38 he gave it all up to return to his family in Malta and begin a new life. Over thirty years later he discovered the outstanding vocal talent of Joseph Calleja and became his only teacher, training him in the tradition of fine singing in which he himself had been nurtured

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Paul Asciak’s story is told against the background of the many changes in Maltese life over the last eighty years. It is an inspiring story of energy, dedication, generosity and achievement won despite some private sadnesses. It throws light on Maltese identity and culture, the history of opera in Malta and, for the first time, describes in detail the way in which Calleja’s unique sound and style were fostered by Asciak. Paperback. Published by Progress Press Co Ltd 2010