Sixteen Piece Vinsaker Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set With Recipe

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The VinaSaker bartender kit will give you the power to impress your friends next party with delicious mixed drinks. Made from SS304 stainless steel, the pieces are durable and sturdy, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, easy to cool and corrosion-resistant. The shaker will not or leak, even if shaken vigorously and is designed with a brushed finish, adding a contemporary look. The cocktail set is tested and certified as a food-grade product. BPA and chemical free to ensure no effect on health or beverage flavours. Contains a 750ml Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker; Double Jigger Measure; Stainless Steel Muddler; Twisted Mixing Spoon; Freeflow Pourer; Cocktail Strainer; Steel Straw; Conical Cocktail Sieeve; Ice tongs; Cleaning Brush; and Cocktail Cards. A great gift

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