SIGNED FIRST EDITION: What Happened To The Empress (The Dowager Empress Of Russia) By Robert Ingham

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A scarce book on the dowager Empress of Russia and her visit to Malta, published by the author in Malta. Signed ‘Robert Ingham May 1949’. The following is from an interesting and anonymous review published in March 2011: ‘Ingham was the ADC to the former Governor of Malta in 1919 when the Dowager Empress had stayed on the island. Romanov afficiandos will recall that the Empress, daughter Xenia and family, GD Nickolosha and some 800 refugees escaped on board the Marlborough and a second ship from Yalta. The pamphlet is essentially Ingham’s diary entries of the visit which dated from April 21 to 29th 1919. His entries provide a fond, intimate picture of the Empress Xenia and her mischievous sons. It also has some interesting observations on the Russian servants, attitudes to Bolshevism and royal protocol. Most interesting perhaps is the depiction of British life in Valletta, Malta’s capital. (Various Hesse and Romanov family members had travelled to Malta including Alix who had visited her sister Victoria there in 1890.) This is not a “must have” Romanov book and there are parts that are fairly dreary, including the haunted buildings. There are also quite a few factual errors such the refugees having been stationed in Odessa. However, it is a fascinating little book in very good condition. Softcover with cream card covers. Published by Hamrun 1949

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