SIGNED FIRST EDITION 2018. The Malta Escape By Chris Kuzneski

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While visiting the scenic country of Malta, Jonathon Payne and David Jones bump into an old friend, who has come to the islands to search for a long-lost treasure of the Knights Hospitallers, an organization that dates back to the First Crusade in 1099 AD. However, when Ivan Volkov—the ruthless leader of a Russian crime syndicate—is betrayed, he is willing to do anything to get retribution. Protected by a team of hackers and henchmen, he travels to the Mediterranean where he leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. Before returning home, Volkov learns about the ancient hoard, one with possible ties to Paul I and the Russian Empire

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With pride and riches on the line, he focuses his wrath on the only people who stand in his way, but Pane and Jones refuse to back down as they try to locate one of the most important treasures of antiquity, while battling one of the world’s most dangerous criminals in a deadly fight to the finish. First edition, first printing, in mint condition, new and unread, in a flawless dust jacket. Hardcover. Published by Kuzneski. Donated and valued by an accredited Book Dealer. New and signed by the author in New York 2018

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