SIGNED FIRST EDITION 1990. Images Of Malta By Geoffrey Aquilina Ross

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With each passing year, as more visitors come to the Maltese islands, so their popularity grows. Not only do they offer superb holiday facilities and, indeed, some excellent opportunities for business enterprise, but as each visitor leaves to return home, he or she carries away images of the island, personal views of what it is that makes the islands so exceptional, so enjoyable

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Pre-owned.The islands are special. Not only does the sun shine gloriously for most of the year, in a clear blue sky and the sea beckon with its equally clear and unpolluted sparkle, but here there is a way of life unique to the Mediterranean. It is warm-hearted, friendly and welcoming, ready to enjoy good company when it meets it. A friend made here is, as local law has it, a friend for life. Visitors become friends and friends come back often. Little wonder that tourism has become a big earner and Air Malta kept to a busy schedule. First edition with dust jacket + inscription – highly collectible. Inscribed on the face page by author, Malta 2001. Hardcover. Condition: Very Good. Donated with valuation by a member of the PBFA. Published by Miranda Publications 1990