SIGNED EDITION. Requiem By Clare Francis

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Glen Ashard – idyllic Scottish home of ex-rock star Nick Mackenzie and his exotic wife Alusha. A haven of peace and security after all the years on the road. Until the day a small plane with a deadly chemical cargo flies off course. In the tragic aftermath, Daisy Field, environmental campaigner, picks up the trail. Abrasive and idealistic, she’s determined to fight the ‘profits before safety’ attitude of the agrochemical industry. But to win she needs Nick’s millions, and Nick is facing difficulties of his own. From the wilds of Scotland to the corridors of power in London and Chicago, from Madison Square Garden to a seedy security firm in south London, Requiem pulls Daisy into a struggle against apathy, sabotage and dirty tricks

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Clare Francis is the author of eleven international bestsellers, including Homeland, Deceit, Betrayal and A Death Divided. She has also written 3 non-fiction books about her voyages across the oceans of the world, twice single-handed. Soft cover, signed by Clare Francis when she visited Malta on 3rd October 2019 in order to talk at The Royal Malta Yacht Club, entitled ‘A life in Parallels’, in aid of Save The Valletta Skyline. Published by Pan MacMillan 2013

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