SIGNED: Doorways Of Malta By Charles Paul Azzopardi And Conrad Thake

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We all relate to doorways – the possibilities they open up, their romance, their infinite possibilities. The design of the doorway reveals a great deal about the edifice, its purpose and its dweller and, perhaps more than any other part of the building, it has throughout the ages attracted the virtuosity of the architect and the dexterity of the craftsman. In this book, Charles Paul Azzopardi and Conrad Thake cast a keen eye on how the idea of the doorway has been dealt with by the architects, designers and craftsmen of Malta, from the earliest times to the present day. The doors featured range from the humblest to the most impressive, and from the most architecturally significant to the whimsical, from the Neolithic temples dating back to 5000 B.C., through to the imposing doors of the Order of the St John, followed by those of the British colonial period, right up to the modern movement and contemporary times.Signed by Conrad Thake. Hardcover. Published by Kite November 2019

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Doorways of Malta is a unique and intriguing exposition of this primary element in Maltese architecture. Contents: Antiquity to Medieval; Early Palaces of the Order; Baroque; Military Gateways; Ecclesiastical; Vernacular; Domestic; Colonial; Modern

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