SIGNED – Ancient And Modern Malta – Volumes 1 And 11 By Louis De Boisgelin

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Signed by the publisher.  Two volumes only – missing volume 3. For more than three thousand years various world powers prided themselves in conquering Malta or counting it among their possessions. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs and Spanish all had come and gone leaving in some way or other their mark on Malta’s culture and civilization. None however, left it so indelibly as the Knights of St John. For 268 years they made the Island their home embellishing it with palaces, churches and auberges and fortifying it with the strongest walls military history had ever experienced. Facsimile edition of the 1804-1805 three-volume work.Facsimile limited reprint from the 1804 edition of 350 copies, numbered 222 & 223 and signed by the publisher. Dust jacket of vol 1 has rubbing on spine ends and top front edge, but otherwise in very good condition. Hardcover. Published by Midsea Books 1988

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