Signed: 25 Years In A Maltese Kitchen By Pippa Mattei

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Malta’s history has for many centuries been characterized by the domination of heterogeneous civilizations, which have left their mark not only on the territory and culture of its inhabitants but also on the culinary traditions of the Maltese islands. Therefore in the ingredients and in the dishes enriched with a necessary inventiveness of the Maltese it is possible to find tracks of the different peoples who have followed each other on our soil. It is an unfortunate paradox that despite our slow but steady economic development over the last thirty years, in the great part due to the hundreds of thousands of tourists that invade our shores, the quality and characteristics of our food have been practically obliterated. The ‘get rich quick’ attitude is symptomatic of all but a few of our restaurants in Malta. I therefore feel justified in claiming that the best food is to be found in Maltese and Gozitan homes. This is what ’25 years in a Maltese Kitchen’ is all about. The author has diligently and passionately researched hundreds of recipes, the majority of which have been passed down from one generation to another. Pippa Mattei, a hostess of repute endowed with indubitable talent and ability, has treated her material in the same way a musician of note plays his music. Although the scores may be read and reproduced faithfully the result can still be crude and uninteresting, good cooking is primarily a matter of flair, taste and sensibility. ’25 years in a Maltese Kitchen’ could be looked upon as a compilation of old and new musical compositions to which Pippa has given voice. Through her creativity in marrying some ingredients in the way a poet marries words, by combining flavours and producing new and subtle dishes she has proved herself a true virtuoso. This paean to Pippa Mattei is a form of thank you for having been her ‘prime guinea pig’ over the years. For her efforts and results and to our future satisfaction she deserves to be sentenced to another twenty five years of slavery in a kitchen. Before concluding, I would like to put it on record that my ambitious claim to being a gastronome is only supported by two dubious qualifications – an above average appetite and an even larger girth! It is indeed an honour to introduce this splendid publication and a pleasure to know that it IS to this book that I must return for the priming of my SO called culinary forays

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In good condition. Some minor bumping to corners and a little creasing. Some slight tanning particularly to the edges. Signed by the author and dedicated to two of her close friends. Softcover. Published by Miranda, Malta 2003

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