Raiders Passed By Charles B. Grech And Translated By Joseph Galea Debono

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Charles B. Grech was just emerging from boyhood when the first enemy bombs fell on Malta in June 1940. Like most boys of his age, his imagination was fired by the adventure of war. Unlike most youngsters, however, the author somehow managed to be in the thick of any action taking place all over the Maltese Islands

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This book is a simple but gripping eye-witness account of the war years (1940-1945) in battle-torn Malta, by a happy-go-lucky child who quickly matured to adulthood, joining the Royal Air Force as an airman. ‘Raiders Passed’ is a fitting tribute to the children of Malta who, Like Charles B. Grech, saw their childhood snatched away by the ravages of war, hunger, disease and at times, the premature loss of their dearest ones. Paperback. First published by Midsea Books Ltd 1998. This revised second edition published 2018