Public Life In Malta III – Papers On Governance, Politics And Public Affairs In The EU’s Smallest Member State

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Edited by Mario Thomas Vassallo and Carmel Tabone O.P. this, the third volume of this peer – reviewed series, encompasses some of the recent academic inquiries undertaken by academics and practitioners who study and practice politics and policy design

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While it continues to delve wider and deeper into a versatile array of themes that emerged in the first two volumes, this book embodies new topics related to governance, politics and public affairs in Malta. This collection of papers is most relevant to all those who are interested in the virtues, values and dynamics of good and effective governance, particularly those involved in the management of public sector organisations, political parties and students who are studying public policy, public management and other specializations within the social sciences arena. Softcover. Published by Department of Public Policy, L’Universita ta’ Malta 2020