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Pre-owned. This book contains a selection of photographs taken during the fifteen years that the photographer Michael Howard has lived in Portugal. The Algarve has undergone many changes during those years. The earliest photographs of rustic subjects were taken in the last years preceding the 1974
revolution in Portugal, when progress was extremely slow: mule carts were common, paraffin lamps were used in country districts because electricity had only reached the towns and building work was usually no more than repairing walls and re-roofing houses.
Further landscape and rustic photographs date from after the military coup of the twenty fifth of April. During these years of recession he was able to spend time on general landscape photography.
The remaining pictures, mostly the beach scenes and aerial views are from the period of rapid expansion that followed in the 1980s. Photography in towns and villages during this time was made difficult by public works, needed to provide long over-due essential services.
In some villages the upheavals are over and there has been a return to some traditional Algarve features such as Portuguese decorative cobblestones (calçada) and houses painted in traditional white. A little tanning and marking to cover and some pages. Overall in good condition and a nice tight copy. Softcover. Published by: Imprint unknown 1990

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