Practical Golf By John Jacobs

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JOHN JACOBS was a top tournament professional who later almost single-handedly created the present European golf tour. He is also a renowned telecaster on the game, but his greatest claim to fame is as a teacher. “Doctor Golf,” as Jacobs is known around the world, is the number-one golf instructor in Europe, and is becoming ever more highly regarded in the U.S.A. where he operates a growing number of golf schools each year.

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Pre-Owned. Practical Golf-the all-time best selling golf instruction in Great Britian–is the distillation of this master teacher’s knowledge, drawn from his work with all grades of golfer from Jack Nicklaus down to the raw beginner. KEN BOWDEN was the foundling editor of Golf World (U.K.) and editorial director of Golf Digest. A low-handicap player, since 1972 he has managed the communications activities of Jack Nicklaus, with whom he has written seven books. ANTHONY RAVIELLI is one of the finest artists ever to illustrate golf. A frequent contributor to Golf Digest, he has illustrated books by, among others, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Bryon Nelson. His ability to depict the key elements of golf technique in a way that no photographer can do adds mightily to the instructional value of this exceptional book. In good condition, missing its dust jacket. Some very minor scuffijng to the back board. Hardcover. Published by Stanley Paul & Co, 1975

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