Plate up! Food Presentation Kit – Elevate Your Food Presentation – Perfect Gift for Aspiring Master Chefs From Sandy Leaf Farm

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Some of us can cook and serve a meal with a flourish and little worry. You don’t need this! However, others freeze when it comes to presentation and if that’s you, then read on, unleash your inner master chef and become the envy of your dinner party guests. The kit contains all the equipment you need to make your plates look like the work of a top chef. An instruction booklet is included which explains some of the best plating techniques, each inspired by cutting edge restaurant style presentation. Overall contents include; Squeeze bottle; Palette knife; Ring mould; Sauce brush; Mini pipette; Placing Tweezers; Fine sieve; Cocktail sticks.Two instruction flyers contain everything you need to know about plating food and how to use all the equipment included in the kit. Packaged in a cute presentation box so would make a great gift

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