Paranormality – Why We See What Isn’t There By Professor Richard Wiseman

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People are emotionally drawn to the supernatural. They actively want weird, spooky things to be true…Wiseman shows us a higher joy as he deftly skewers the paranormal charlatans, blows away the psychic fog and lets in the clear light of reason.’ Richard Dawkins

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Professor Richard Wiseman is clear about one thing: paranormal phenomena don’t exist. But in the same way that the science of space travel transforms our everyday lives, so research into telepathy, fortune-telling and out-of-body experiences produces remarkable insights into our brains, behaviour and beliefs. ‘Paranormality’ embarks on a wild ghost chase into this new science of the supernatural and is packed with activities that allow you to experience the impossible. So throw away your crustals, ditch your lucky charms and cancel your subscription to ‘Reincarnation Weekly’. It is time to discover the real secrets of the paranormal.’ Paperback. Published by Pan Macmillan 2011

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