Mutts And Hounds 100% Natural Dog Paw Balm

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Pff pff pff pff – pattering along pavements or across hot fields, sprawling on terraces or, if lucky, splashing in the salty surf during Mediterranean summers can cause agony to the paws, not to mention little noses cracking in the sun – and then we go into the winter months with the strong winds and pouring rain! However, dog lovers at Mutts And Hounds UK have come to the rescue with their carefully formulated rich and nourishing Paw Balm. Containing oil of peppermint (refreshes and cools); lavender and hemp (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties); and shea butter, it’s safe to lick and ideal for whichever part of the world happens to be home. In a plastic-free tin, it can be popped into a bag, kept at home or in the car for those days out! Slight ‘dings’ to tins via delivery.Tin 80g

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