Mothers’ Wit: Humorous Quotes on Mums and Motherhood By Allison Vale & Alison Rattle

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Mamma mia! Didn’t think mums could make you laugh? Think again. Mothers’ Wit is full of classic one-liners from a rich variety of classic one-liners from a rich variety of red-hot mammas such as Victoria Wood, Joan Rivers, Roseanne and Marge Simpson. Covering all the joys of motherhood, these celebrated matriarchs deliver belly laughs and offer pearls of maternal wisdom on such topics as morning sickness and stretch marks, playground politics and raising hormonal teenagers, frenzied mealtimes and dreary household chores. Complemented with sharp insights from family members – those sons, daughters and partners to whom mum devotes the best years of her life, Mothers’ Wit will give every mother the one thing she really needs (apart from an uninterrupted night’s sleep): a good laugh. Warm, witty, wise and winning, if only this book could spit on its hanky and wipe your face it would be just like Mum: perfect!

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Hardcover. Published by Prion Books 2005 on behalf of Marks & Spencer p.l.c

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