Millennium Eyewitness By Brian Stone

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Millennium Eyewitness is a fascinating look at the last 1000 years. This anthology comprises over 250 eyewitness accounts of historical events and vanished ways of life throughout the world.What was it like to have survived the Great Fire of London? Or the Great Plague? How did it feel to escape from Auschwitz? To witness the Titanic sink? To see the assassination of JFK? To discover Tutankhamen’s Tomb? To fly across the Atlantic for the first time? To meet Nelson Mandela? To be held hostage in Beirut? To be the first man on the moon?
Millennium Eyewitness provides an exciting insight into a wide range of key events and daily activities from the last millennium. These eyewitness reports begin with the Battle of Hastings and bring the reader up to date with accounts of major occurrences in today’s modern world. We are taken on a compelling chronological tour of infinite diversity which reveals how colorful and varied human culture has been over the last 1000 years. Passionately written, Millennium Eyewitness addresses a host of topics from war and peace to birth, death, and marriage; from great disasters to women’s issues; from artists, writers, and composers to social conditions.
Beautifully illustrated, this wonderful collection of witness accounts is the perfect way to celebrate 1000 years of world history. Softcover. Published by Piatkus 1998

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