Love And Dr. Devon By Alan Titchmarsh

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It’s not easy being a doctor, especially when your wife has run off in search of excitement and you’re given the push from your practice for sticking up for your principles. Christopher Devon tries to make a new life and, after a bit of persuasion from his daughter, to meet a new woman. But how to find one? And how to placate a son who thinks you should never have split up in the first place?

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Dr Devon is not the only man with woman trouble. Tiger Wilson has been married just a little too comfortably for thirty years, and Gary Flynn is a serial womaniser who refuses to settle down. But during one month in spring they are all about to have their lives turned upside down, and not just by women. In seeking to add a little excitement to their lives, they get rather more than they bargained for. They all have their secrets, and they are all exposed to danger. The result? Death, danger, intrigue and passion. Will Dr Devon find true love and live happily ever after? Or will the bitter pill of reality prove a fly in the ointment of his dreams? In fine condition. Tiny thin line marking (10mm approx.) at bottom of first page. Hardcover. Published by Simon & Schuster Ltd 2006

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