LIMITED EDITION: The Place-Names Of Gozo. Volume 1 – Part 1 By Simon Salafia

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These well-nigh six hundred pages offer over nine thousand toponyms, also classified according to locality, through the perusal of an impressive range of sources. Details of the locations and descriptions are included. In the author’s own words, “this book is the result of the present Covid situation – tourism and guiding vanished. And no work implied more free time. During the last seven months I just wanted to finish my bits and pieces from different sources to publish this book”

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The author Simon Salafia, a graduate in electrical engineering, has widened his interests to languages (Maltese, Spanish and Catalan) and historical research. Publications exclusively about toponymy are quite rare in recent Melitensia publications. The last two publications date back to the year 2000, authored by Prof.G.Wettinger and Dr.J.Zammit Ciantar