Les Chevaliers De Saint-Jean À Malte (French Language Edition) By Simon Mercieca

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French Edition. The Order of the Knights of St John are synonymous with Malta. However, the events that led to the Order’s arrival in Malta in 1530, their origins and detailed history is often taken for granted or overlooked. This book gives a clear and beautifully illustrated insight into history of The Templars and Hospitallers, their time in Rhodes and a detailed account of the Great Siege of Malta by the Ottoman Empire in 1565. Any account of the Knights in Malta would not be complete without recording the influence and impression, surviving to this day, of Architecture, Art, Economic and Social issues. The reader will get a rare insight into these details and a clear grasp of who the Order were and the respect and power they commanded in the Mediterranean until the arrival of Napoleon. Softcover. Published by Bonechi World Publisher 2005

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