Large Millenium Celebrations Hanging Glitter / Disco Ball – 2000 – D:30cm

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Lightweight Glitter / Disco Ball purchased for the Millenium Celebrations, used that one night only and carefully stored ever since! In perfect condition, it can be hung outside to catch and turn in the breeze and light, providing a unique atmosphere to parties, barbecues, dances, etc. For added effect, team with one of the easily and cheaply obtained battery powered revolving mirror ball motors available in most big stores; and perhaps make it the focus of coloured spotlights. Made from lightweight material and covered with polished mirror glass facets. Hanging ring at top. Silver D:30cm

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Read in The New York Times 28.4.22: Disco ball inferno
‘A disco ball revival is underway, writes Lia Picard for The Times. After being relegated to kitschy party décor or retro bars, disco balls can now be found adorning weddings, TikTok home décor videos and housewares stores that span the gamut from high- to low-end. According to Etsy, searches for “disco ball” increased nearly 400 percent during the past three months compared with the same time period last year. “People are looking for ways to celebrate again,” said Matthew Yokobosky, who curated the 2020 exhibit “Studio 54: Night Magic” at the Brooklyn Museum. “They’re looking for moments of joy.” Though mirror balls are often associated with the 1970s, they were used in 1920s nightclubs as an inexpensive way to create atmosphere, Yokobosky said. “You have a disco ball, you shine a light on it, and suddenly the entire room is covered in dots of light that are moving,” he added. “So you get a lot of bang for your little disco ball.”