Lady Tottering’s Journal By Annie Tempest

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Lady Tottering’s Journal’ is an extensively illustrated desk diary for everyone to use and to treasure. The 75 full-colour double-page spreads are beautifully illustrated by Annie Tempest in her own inimitable style. Filled with witty notes and Daffy’s own diary entries, ‘Lady Tottering’s Journal’ is also highly useable for keeping track of birthdays and all personal red-letter days

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Tottering-By-Gently is a village in the fictional country of North Pimmshire, in which ‘the big house, Tottering Hall, is inhabited by Lord and Lady Tottering, affectionately known as Daffy and Dicky. These endearing characters have become stars of ‘Country Life’ magazine and their creator, award-winning cartoonist Annie Tempest, is feted as one of Britain’s most accomplished illustrators. Through Daffy and Dicky and their extended family, Annie casts her gimlet eye over everything from inter-generational tensions and the differing perspectives of men and women, to field sports, diets, ageing, gardening, fashion, food, convention and much, much more. Her large international following proves that she touches a note of universal truth in her beautifully executed and exquisitely detailed cartoons as she gently laughs with us at the very stuff of live. Hardcover. Published by Orion 2002

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