Knots. More than 50 Of The Most Useful Knots For Camping, Sailing, Fishing And Climbing By Peter Owen

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Whether you’re a camper, a sailor, a climber, an angler or an all-round outdoor person, sooner or later you’ll need to know how to tie a knot correctly and safely. Even in everyday life, knots often play an important role. Selecting the appropriate knot and tying it correctly are valuable skills that can protect your property and even your life

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Pre-Owned. ‘Knots’ provides easy – to – follow instructions for selecting and tying more than 50 of the most useful knots. Original, colour – coded illustrations show you each loop and bend, step – by – step. To help you choose the best knot for your needs, the book is divided into seven sections – stopper knots, hitches, loops, bends, running knots, shortening and fishing knots. Each of the feature knots serves a specific function, but a selection of four or five of the most versatile knots should serve most general needs. In addition to rope – tying techniques, ‘Knots’ contains information on manufacturing processes, the pros and cons of natural versus synthetic ropes, the difference between laid – up and braided rope, and the relative merits of each. Excellent condition. Price clipped. First Edition. Hardcover. Published by The Apple Press 1993

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