Indian Sari Tent – Turquoise, Yellow, Pink

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Stunning! Ideal for creating a tented bed or for use during a wedding ceremony, or as a meditation area this stunning tent / canopy consists of four vintage Indian saris, hand sewn and suspended from jute rope (with a thicker loop on top) and a bamboo ring. You can suspend loosely, or weight the bottom of the saris to retain a wider shape, as shown in the images. The hanging ‘wall’ saris are sewn together, with an extra topping over the jute rope and bamboo ring. L:284.5cm (from top of the ring to bottom of the saris) x W:610cm. Ring D:51cm

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With summer coming, this doesn’t just have to be used inside the house, but can be hung from a tree in the garden or terrace to provide glamorous shade for the adults or for a luxurious play area for younger members of the family!