Imperfect Shot : Shooting Excuses, Gaffes And Blunders By Jeremy Hobson

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An anthology of shooting excuses, gaffes and anecdotes which you might actually find useful during the season. ‘One to dip into and enjoy. The text and illustrations, the latter by Oliver Preston, are both integral parts of the book and I am not sure which I enjoyed the most. The jokes are not all to do with shooting and I liked the one about the Land Rovers. They say 90 per cent of all Land Rovers manufactured are still on the road. The other 10 per cent have reached their destination’ — Ray Collier, Highland News Group

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Not only does it provide very easy access light reading for those moments when the Financial Times is a bit too topical and War and Peace is a bit too serious but it also contains some honest advice for game shooters who might like to kid themselves sometimes. There aren t many things he hasn t seen on shoot day – and a lot of them make it into this book’ – Shooting Gazette. ‘From excuses for missing, including the safety catch got stuck to ensuring your mobile phone is turned off, the author aims to guide the newby through some of the pitfalls of driven game shooting. And he makes it abundantly clear that pulling the trigger is just a small part of the overall shooting day, which should include a good lunch, fascinating repartee with fellow guns and getting all dressed up in sometimes ridiculous garb that, in any other situation, would be laughable’ — Philip Bowern, Western Morning News. As new. Hardcover. Published by Quiller Publishing Ltd 2015

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