Hungry: A Memoir Of Wanting More By Grace Dent

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From an early age, Grace Dent was hungry. As a little girl growing up in Currock, Carlisle, she yearned to be something bigger, to go somewhere better. Warm, funny and joyous, ‘Hungry’ is also about love and loss, the central role that food plays in all our lives, and how a Cadbury’s Fruit ‘n’ Nut in a hospital vending machine can brighten the toughest situation

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‘Hungry’ traces Grace’s story from growing up eating beige food to becoming one of the much-loved voices on the British food scene. It’s also everyone’s story – from treats with your nan, to cheese and pineapple hedgehogs, to the exquisite joy of cheaply-made apple crumble with custard. It’s the high-point of a chip butty covered in vinegar and too much salt in the school canteen, on an otherwise grey day of double-Maths and cross country running. It’s the real story of how we have all lived, laughed, and eaten over the past 40 years. Grace Dent is an English columnist, broadcaster and author. She is a restaurant critic for The Guardian and a regular critic on the BBC’s MasterChef UK. Hardcover. Published by Published by Mudlark January 2020

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