Handcrafted Limoges White Bee Cage Musical Egg With Butterfly Clasp And Bee Inside

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Bees, ladybirds and dragonflies decorate this pretty porcelain egg with gilt decoration. By turning the little bee inside, you’ll hear the classic Waltz of flowers. The box is signed on the back – Peint Main Limoges France. CMS. With certificate and gift box H:10 x D:7cm

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Limoges Boxes are only made in France. Porcelain boxes made anywhere in the world outside Limoges, France cannot legally be called ‘Limoges’ Boxes. imoges porcelain boxes were first created in the mid-18th century after Jacques Turgot, Finance Minister of King Louis XVI, gave a Royal edict to the city of Limoges, France the exclusive right to produce Royal Limoges porcelain for the Kingdom of France. The first Limoges trinket boxes were long narrow containers, created for expensive needles. From here, other shapes of limoges porcelain boxes evolved. The earliest were those designed to hold thimbles and embroidery scissors; and then round flat Limoges boxes were formed and used as powder boxes. Under Louis XVI these small boxes were also used to hold a lock of lady’s hair or a small piece of paper with a romantic poem

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