Fun Christmas Survival Kit In A Can

Minimum Donation €10.93

Something fun and unexpected for when you’re seeking a different gift for family and friends at Christmas. Included: Balloon – to start the Season with a bang; Snow – so ‘Yule’ have a White Christmas; Coal And Eyes – to help make a snowman; Christmas Card – From Me To You; Numbers – so you can count the days to Christmas; Wish List – your note for Santa; Button – to replace the one you’ll lose from eating too much; Candle – so all your Christmas’s are bright; Smiley Badge – so you have a Happy Christmas; Watch – for a perfect Christmas ‘Time’, Wishbone – a Christmas wish just for you; Chocolates – a selection without the box, Bells – jingle bells swing, Jingle bells rock; Mistletoe And Wine……gum; Cracker, Hat And Joke – ‘tis the season to be jolly; Star – so your Christmas sparkles; Tea Bag – a Christmas drink on me; Sixpence – every Christmas pudding should have one; Clove – for the ‘scent’ of Christmas; Stocking – a Christmas surprise from Santa; Present – so your Christmas is ‘Wrapped’ up in happiness; Zzzzzzs – for when it’s all over

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