Full Bed Canopy / Hanging Garden Mosquito Net Set – White Twin Or Queen

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Tired of trying to do battle with pesky mosquitos, or simply want to glamourise your bed? This is just one of our three different and new mosquito sets intended for hanging over your bed, hammock or garden lounger, so that you can relax without having to spray everything in sight, or madly swat the air at the faintest familiar whine of an approaching bomber! Since launching this, along with our other two brands of hanging mosquito nets, they’ve become popular among all ages. Versatile and easy to install with all accessories included. Made of 100% fine, stretchy and durable polyester with 256 holes per square inch and reinforced in all the necessary areas. Conical shaped top with one opening in the generous netting to minimise access for insects (enabling you to tuck excess material under the bed or mattress, if required). By Just Relax. Conical ring D:65cm. Full canopy L:249 x W:1299.9cm (around base)

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