Framed Collection of Ronald Searle’s Hilarious Cat Cartoons

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Pre-owned. Searle began drawing quirky, impossibly charming, exuberantly expressive cartoons and caricatures of cats, collected in Searle’s Cats (public library) — the original cartoon canon of cats, published in 1967. His unmistakable ink drawings of cats are coupled with wryly witty, brandishingly British captions that wink at our everyday human struggles, insecurities, and social anxieties, inviting us to laugh at those felines follies as we laugh at ourselves. 10 (non-original) cartoons, in black wooden cushion frame with dark grey mount H:76 x w:43cm

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From left to right cartoon captions read:
1. Exhausted Persian cat contemplating the advantages of monogamy
2. Unusually repulsive cat startled by a gesture of affection
3. Exhibitionist cat trying out certain effects
4. Acrobatic cat discovering quite unexpectedly that it is too old for the game
5. Inefficient cat captured by an astute goldfish
6. Balding cat walking out in an unsuitable wig
7. Embarrassed cat discovering that all cats are not the same in the dark
8. Cat of a thousand disguises concealing itself as a rug
9. Two cats quite calmly making beasts of themselves
10. Young cat already regretting puberty

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