FLAIR Magazine – April 2011. Issue 32

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Iconic magazine focusing on life in Malta

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Contents: Spinola Palace in Valletta has been restored to splendour; New ways of living: Pendrgardens; Knotted luxury Oriental rugs in old paintings; Straight from the 1960s: a Swiqi house gets a new look; Gardening the Firethorn; Frugal Architecture: Alberto Miceli Farrugia and his team at Architecture Project talk about the new attitudes; New work by James Valla Clark; Kenneth Tanti:from antiques to glossy designs; Alphonse Mucha in Valletta: Your last chance to the the exhibition; Chris Broffa talks about plans for a new boutique hotel in Valletta; Kitchens: They’re not what you think they are. Never read and in excellent condition. Published by Preximus Publishing April 2011