First Edition. The Raging Sky By Richard Hough – 1989

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The raging sky is the setting for Raymond Cox’s first love – his love of flying. It is April 1943, and for Raymond the war in the air already seems interminable, a whirling image of killing or being killed, of fine-margin escapes from death by bullet or fire or drowning or annihilation in a high-speed crash. This is a story of high combat in the skies above Europe, from the North Sea to the most heavily defended enemy targets in Europe, culminating in the D-Day landings of 1944. And Raymond Cox’s part in the earth-shaking events of World War II is typical of many who played a part in that conflict

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Pre-owned. Tanning. Good condition. Hardcover. First Edition published by Macdonald & Company (Publishers) Ltd 1989

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