FIRST EDITION. The Letters Of T.S.Eliot – Volume 1 1898 – 1922 Edited By Valerie Eliot

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Volume One of the Letters of T. S. Eliot, edited by Valerie Eliot in 1988, covers the period from Eliot’s childhood in St Louis, Missouri, to the end of 1922, by which time he had settled in England, married and published ‘The Waste Land’

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Since 1988, Valerie Eliot has continued to gather materials from collections, libraries and private sources in Britain and America, towards the preparation of subsequent volumes of the Letters edition. Among new letters to have come to light, a good many date from the years 1898-1922, which has necessitated a revised edition of Volume One, taking account of approximately two hundred newly discovered items of correspondence. In very good condition. Original dust jacket is slightly marked but no tears or serious damage. Hardcover. Published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1998