FIRST EDITION: Malta – Ancient Peoples and Places By J.D. Evans

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On the tiny Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo are to be found some of the most fascinating and impressive pre-historic monuments in Europe, the great megalithic temples. These were built by the earliest inhabitants of those islands nearly 4000 years ago for the strange and elaborate rituals of their religion, which seems to have blended ancestor-worship with the cult of a fertility deity. This book tells the story of these earliest Maltese people as revealed by the latest researches. Coming to Malta about the middle of the 3rd millennium B.C. from nearby Sicily, the first colonists were primitive farmers with a poor culture of Neolithic type. In their new home they prospered and developed their remarkable and individual culture undisturbed over several centuries. Later their culture was strongly influenced by the brilliant Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations of Greece and Crete. The late temples are wonderful pieces of architecture. Constructed of stones often weighing many tons each, they were filled with remarkable and often beautiful carvings in stone. Many of these have survived and have been recovered during excavations. The achievement of Malta’s ancient islanders is all the more extraordinary when one considers that these people never had the use of metal tools

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Pre-owned. The end of their culture is fittingly mysterious. Soon after 1500 B.C. they disappeared, and a foreign people with a much cruder culture, who seem to have come from southern Italy, took over the islands. The author, who was responsible for carrying out a new study of the material as part of a Survey of Maltese Prehistory, here gives an expert yet highly readable account of the results to which it has led. Bound in light brown cloth with gilt titling to spine and front board. Unclipped dustjacket is in good condition with just a small tear to the top centre of the back cover and a little wear arount the bottom and spine area. The lamination on the dustjacket has cracked and is coming away along parts of the top and there is a little creasing to the inside front flap. There is a small light brown (tea?) stain to the centre of the front edge but this has not spread to the inside of the book. Some foxing to the endpapers and a little tanning to the edges and some pages. First edition Published by Thames and Hudson 1959

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