FIRST EDITION Great Marques – Jaguar By Chris Harvey. Foreword By Sterling Moss – 1989

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Jaguar has always had an excellent reputation and this famous marque has a huge and dedicated following throughout the world, all of whom appreciate Jaguar’s elegant and timeless styling coupled with superb engineering. Chris Harvey describes the colourful history of Jaguar, examines the cars and dwells on the many competition successes. He begins by covering the pre-war years, including details fo the Swallow sidecar and early SS saloon, plus the spectacular SS100 Jaguars

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Then come chapters on the sensational Jaguarr XKs, the beautiful Mark VII, VIII and IX saloons that brought fast and luxurious motoring to thousands, the racing years with the Le Mans-winning C and D types which still raise the pulses of spectators in today’s historic car races, and the wonderful E type, the sports car with such a searing performance that it took the automobile world by storm in the 1960s and is still one of the most popular classics. Containing more than 75 superb full-color illustrations, the majority specially commissioned from a top motoring photographer. First Edition. Hardcover. Published by Cathay 1989

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